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Yet More Thracian Legacy News

So, if you can’t really get around to visit Bulgaria one of these days, how about visit Moscow and get a flavor of the rich Bulgarian History? The spectacular gold treasures from 3rd- 4th century BC are on display at Moscow’s State Historical Museums till Nov 30th, 2013. From silver wine sets to fine-crafted gold jewelry to stunning amphoras, the artifacts are not only an immense pleasure for the eyes, but a  real testament to the rich cultural inheritance left from the Thracians. Even if you are not “big on ancient history,” we guarantee that the amazing collections will leave a “big” impression on you.

For more on the Thracian Gold in Moscow:

And shoud you be inspired to actually visit the land of the Thracians, then you have to Visit Bulgaria and consider taking a #bulgarianhistorytour :

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