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Bulgaria in Lonely Planet’s Best Value Travel Destinations for 2014

With the ever rising cost of air fares, no wonder Lonely Planet came up with a list of the best value travel destinations for 2014 and we are quite happy that Bulgaria is listed among the Top 10. Should you decide to come to our corner of the world, you will actually find that Bulgaria will give you more than you expected, simply because there is something for everyone: from the history explorer, outdoor enthusiast, beach lover to the wine tour aficionado and everyone else in between. You are bound to find something for your hungry travel soul and we are ready to bet that you would recommend Bulgaria to your fellow world voyagers first and for most for what the country has to offer, and then for the value it provides and all the rest (namely food, hospitable people and great weather). For the many things you can do in Bulgaria, check out:

We hope to see you in #Bulgaria. Be safe and happy #2014travels.


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