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About Bulgaria


Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe, in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. The terrain is varied, containing large mountain massifs, fertile valleys, eternal meadows and a beautiful coastline along the Black Sea. Bulgaria shares a border with Turkey and Greece to the South, Macedonia and Serbia to the West, across the Danube River is Romania to the North and the Black Sea to the East.

The capital, Sofia, lies in the western region of the country. Sofia airport provides convenient connections to major destinations around the world. The airports of Varna and Burgas also accommodate international flights, although some of the flights may be available only during the busy summer season. Varna and Burgas are also the primary sea ports offering marine transport to Bulgaria.

Rail transport in Bulgaria is readily accessible and the rail network services all major cities and towns around Bulgaria. The railway lines cross all land borders of Bulgaria as well, and the famous European Orient Express crosses the country.

Bulgaria is also a transport crossroad, affording access to Western Europe, the Near East, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. A series of major European transport corridors pass through Bulgaria.

The official time in Bulgaria is Eastern European Time, which is two hours ahead of Greenwich Time.




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