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The sunshine and the gentle waves are calling... it's time for relaxing beach holiday.

Pontus euxinos - hospitable sea. This is how the ancient Greeks called the Black Sea, a sea that is indeed alluring and welcoming- clean, calm, without strong tides or dangerous sea species. The Bulgarian Sea Coast faces east and extends over 378 km, dotted with vast, fine sand beaches and occasionally giving ways to deep-cutting coves and rugged shores. Forest hills and romantic peninsulas, vineyards and orchards, fishing towns and secluded campsites, luxury resorts and uninhabited shores all find a unique place on the Bulgarian seaside.

If you plan to enjoy sunny beaches and warm sea water, then summer is the time to visit. The season starts in early June, getting noticeably busier in July, peaking in August and slowly quieting down in September. From the North to the South, you can find excellent opportunities to enjoy various water sports such as wind or kite surfing, water skiing, parasailing, diving, yachting and more. For the most part, the sea bottom of the Black Sea is sandy and slopes gently, making bathing and swimming safe for even the youngest swimmers.

The two main cities on the Black Sea- Varna in the North and Burgas to the South, provide the getaway to the coast with their airports, rail and bus stations, ports and marinas and are major economical centers of the country.

Sozopol and Nesebar (a UNESCO heritage site) are famous for their combination of beautiful coastal nature and historical landmarks, dating back for thousands of years of history. Naturally, Sozopol and Nesebar are a-must-see spot if you happen to be in the Southern part of the Black Sea Coast. With a pleasant stroll around the cobblestone streets and in between the old traditional houses, believe us- your Black Sea holidays will indeed be complete.

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