Payment terms

Quoted tour or vacation prices are based on current exchange rates, airfares, tariffs and taxes as of the date of issuance of your itinerary. Visit Bulgaria reserves the right to re-quote you prices should there be an increased costs, airfares, tariffs and taxes, and to reflect fluctuations in foreign exchange markets.

Once you are ready to reserve a tour or vacation, full payment is due no later than 60 days prior to departure. Payment in full is required at the time of booking for reservations made less than 60 days prior to departure. Payments may be made with a valid credit card or via bank deposit/wire transfer and as follow:

- When ready to reserve a tour or vacation: 25% of full payment due

- 60 days prior: full payment due

- Less than 60 days- full payment

When booking flights, hotels and cars online, payments must be made at the time of booking with a valid credit card. Our online booking engines will allow you to obtain the best available fares and book your flights, subject to the carriers\' fare rules with all restrictions.  

Please note that baggage fees are not included in the cost of the trip. Baggage allowance and restrictions will apply to all airlines and are subject to change at any time. Do check with the airline you are traveling with to verify the specific baggage restrictions. Check the individual airline’s website for up to date baggage information.

Visit Bulgaria is not accountable for any bookings that could not be processed due to inaccurate and/or incomplete credit card verification and accurate billing information, or due to other technical function with internal/external pricing or booking systems, including errors by the airline system; you will be notified by email of such issues. You agree to authorize the ticket issuer to charge your credit card number the amount that is shown as the Grand Total.