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Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful and diverse crossroads in Europe today. Located on a prime part of the Balkan Peninsula, this country has become a multicultural must-see. With a rich and glorious history, Bulgaria blends the footprints of ancient civilizations, from the Thracians, Romans, Slavs, Bulgars to the Byzantines during different historical periods.

The Thracian left behind tombs and gold treasures, sanctuaries and temples, while a Roman amphitheatre and stadium are well preserved to this day in the city of Plovdiv, along with many Roman settlements around the country. When the Slavs and the Bulgars united, they formed the Bulgarian state in 681 and established Pliska and later Preslav as capitals, where still lay the ruins of their palaces and where Slavonic alphabet and culture sprung from. The traces of the Byzantines are visible in architectural masterpieces like the ancient metropolis of Nesebar, in magnificent frescoes and divine icons. Remains of the medieval fortress of the mighty Second Bulgarian Kingdom are proudly standing on Tzarevets Hill. Churches and monasteries from the time of early Christianity still exist and are open for worship. The town-museums that gave birth to the National Revival Movement at the end of five centuries of Ottoman Empire occupation remind of the bravery and sacrifice it took to preserve the nation’s culture, religion and traditions.

The astonishing historic landmarks all around the country are vivid proofs of the architectural and artistic wealth accrued over the centuries and are well worth exploring. The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have acknowledged the legacy of the cultural and natural heritage of Bulgaria and have inscribed nine sites around the country.


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