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The monasteries are the heart of the Bulgarian religion, history and culture. Some of them will impress you with their architecture, with their secluded location and with their stories that lived to tell. And some will simply awe you with their masterpieces: centuries old icons, murals and woodcarving.

Christianity in Bulgaria was officially adopted in the 9th century and soon after churches and monasteries blossomed around the country, officially becoming cradles of Orthodox faith, as well as hub for knowledge and education. Till today, the libraries of some monasteries preserve priceless incunabula and old manuscripts.

During the 500 years of Ottoman occupation, the monasteries preserved the national spirit, values, customs and Bulgarian language and literature. They were the everlasting hope of the people for liberation and were at the heart of the revolutionary movement.

Today, the monasteries are a true testament of the rich historical legacy of Bulgaria.

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