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The mountains of Bulgaria, majestic and magnificent, are the cradle of the country’s history and literature, each with impressive landscape and their own character. Home to alpine peaks and eternal meadows, mountain lakes and ancient forests, picturesque villages and historical towns, endless trails and world class ski resorts, Bulgaria will give you unforgettable experiences and hold you captive with its vast beauty.

The Balkan Peninsula is named after the longest and the largest mountain range in Bulgaria, Stara Planina. Called "the Balkan", it stretches over 600km from the Western border of the country all the way to East, impressively ending into the Black Sea at Cape Emine. The Balkan played an enormous role in the history of Bulgaria and the development of the Bulgarian nation and people. It divides Bulgaria to North and South and the mountain is crossed by 20 passes and two gorges.

The mountain cluster in the South of Bulgaria, combining Rila, Pirin and Rhodope mountains, is the most impressive. Both Rila and Pirin are of alpine type with  rugged peaks and great ridges. Mt. Musala in Rila is the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula, and along with the surrounding summits of impressive heights and round forms, makes a notable contrast to the sharp marble zeniths of the adjacent Pirin Mountain. 

The Rhodope are the greenest, most scenic and dare we sat "zen" Bulgarian mountains, linked with the legend of the mythical singer Orpheus. Occupying a vast territory in the Central South Bulgaria, Rhodope’s amazing landmarks offer a blend of numerous natural and historical experiences.

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