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Indeed off the beaten path!

We read and are always happy to share/post blogs about Sofia, whether they cover the must see landmarks or take you on the off the beaten  path, and as #Sofia becomes a new favorite destination to explore, it is hard to read something that covers a different angle of the city or tells you about something new to explore. So frankly we were taken by complete surprise by Giulia Blocal’s post Top 5 off-the-beaten path spots in Sofia. Guilia takes you on an interesting “path”, a visit to the Central Sofia Cemetery.  Who would have thought that a place, dreaded by so many, can be written about in such a way that would make you actually go and visit? Or is it probably the powerful images that convey such beauty and tranquility that for a moment makes us think that our loved ones may indeed be in a better place.

Guilia also takes you around neighborhoods in the city that unless you’re a local that lives there or have a reason to visit you probably won’t. And again- with her words and strong visuals, Guilia invites you to truly go off the beaten tracks and explore and find beauty everywhere…

Read the full article here and let us know what you think?

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