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@brenontheroad: Totally Man, Bulgaria Is Indeed So Worth Visiting!

Just when we thought that we have seen pretty much any angle of #Bulgariatravel covered by travel bloggers (those with families, those looking for way off the beaten path, or those exploring the classic sights), we came across this wonderful post by Bren on the Road “Why you need to go to Bulgaria.”

We truly enjoyed your take on Bulgaria and though we’re not sure if it’s your light and fresh writing style or what seems to be a laid back personality, but either way Brendan- you’ve won us with your fun narrative and frank observations. Yes, the food is delicious and the people are hospitable; the country is beautiful and its history is reach. So we can only hope that you will back and visit again, because there is truly more to see than #Sofia and #pLOVEdiv ...

And we can’t wait to read your next adventures… Read the full #travelblog here.

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