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July 04, 2015 Saturday @brenontheroad: Totally Man, Bulgaria Is Indeed So Worth Visiting!

Just when we thought that we have seen pretty much any angle of #Bulgariatravel covered by travel bloggers (those with families, those looking for way off the beaten path, or those exploring the classic sights), we came across this wonderful post by Bren

May 30, 2015 Saturday Walking in the Communist regime’s tracks of Sofia

Giulia Blocal is quickly becoming our favorite travel blogger and we are again pleased to share another of her blogs about Sofia. In this one, she takes us Walking in the Communist regimes tracks. Besides the great picture of the forgotten (and very m

May 28, 2015 Thursday Meadows in the Mountain: One Of the Best European Festivals We Haven't Heard Of

Well, this is kind of embarrassing, but we have to admit that we never even heard of Meadows in the Mountain music festival (www.meadowsinthemountains.com), which seems to be super fun, cool and definitely not to be missed. But thank God for the travel b

May 22, 2015 Friday Indeed off the beaten path!

We read and are always happy to share/post blogs about Sofia, whether they cover the must see landmarks or take you on the off the beaten path, and as #Sofia becomes a new favorite destination to explore, it is hard to read something that covers a differ

October 21, 2014 Tuesday Lonely Planet’s Top Travel Spots for 2015: #6 on the List: Plovdiv! #pLOVEdiv

Lonely Planet just published their top city destinations for next year and we are happy to share that the most ancient city in Europe- Plovdiv, found its spot among the Top 10! From the cobblestone streets to the well preserved Roman Amphitheater; from t

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