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Balchik is a charming coastal town, with a rich history legacy. Established over 26 centuries ago, the town was named Dionisiopolis, after the Greek God of wine and joy, Dionysus. In the 4th century BC Dionisiopolis was quite an important economical and cultural center, as evident by the excavated coins, minted in town with the name of Dionysus carved on them. In the 1st century AD the town, like all other coastal towns, Balchik became a part of the Roman Empire. Later, during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, Balchik flourished into an  important port and trade center

Two of the biggest landmarks of Balchik are the Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria Alexandrina Victoria De Edinburgh, from the period of the Romanian occupation and the Botanical Garden in the vicinity of the residence.

Lodging accommodations are various: from many small and medium size family hotels to modern hotels to the ultra luxurious golf resorts.

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Day 1

Locations: Tranfer to Balchik

If you are flying to Varna, then you have 40km, 45 min ride to Balchik


Sofia-Balchik is 550km, 5Hrs50min

Plovdiv-Balchik is 420km, 4Hrs45min

Burgas- Balchik is 158km, 2Hrs30min

Day 2

Locations: Balchik

May the vacation begin.

Day 3

Locations: Balchik

Enjoy the sun, swim & have a good time.
Stroll through the botanical garden, take a picture of the castle next to it..

Day 4

Locations: Balchik

For a change in beach scenery, consider a trip to the near by fantastic resorts Albena and Golden Sands.

If you are a history lover, consider a visit to Cape Kaliakra (14km north), a nature and archaeological reserve. Thracians were the first to build a settlement around 4th century BC, which was later enhanced by the Greeks. The museum features many archeological finds from the rich past of Cape Kaliakra, The cape is also a part of “Via Pontika”, the migrating path of the birds, and during August-October thousands and thousand of birds fly through.

We also offer several history, monastery and wine tours to the heart of the country, so please browse around our web site for more information.

Day 5

Locations: Balchik

If you enjoy golf, then welcome to the golf center of Bulgaria. Next to Balchik are the magnificent BlackSeaRama, Lighthouse or Thracian Cliffs golf clubs.

Truly enjoy!

Day 6

Locations: Transfer from Balchik

Day 6 or Fay 16... Yeah, it is time to go...

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