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Deliovi Praznitzi (Delio’s Holidays) in Zlatograd (September 20th -24th)

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Zlatograd is a small town, located between the Easter and Central Rhodope Mountain massifs. With its famous white stone houses, in perfect contrast with the green hills of the Rhodopes, and its rich culture and history, Zlatograd is a little piece of heaven for ethnographers and historians. A good part of the town is actually an ethnographic areal complex with over 120 architectural and archeological monuments.

Delio’s Holidays is an annual event, and takes you back to19th century. People that participate are dressed in traditional costumes, representing many regions of Bulgaria, or “modern” clothing from the last century. Dancing and singing performances as well as many traditional arts and crafts are showcased are all over the ethnographic areal complex. The spirit and the atmosphere is truly unique and incredible.  

The holiday is named after a famous rebel from the region, Delio. He is also immortalized in the song “"Izlel ye Delyo Haydutin", which is part of NASA’s Voyager Golden Records.

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Day 1

Locations: Sofia – Zlatograd (294km, 3Hrs30min)

Drive to Zlatograd via Asenovgrad. Visit Asen’s Fortress, formidable for its ancient relics as well as the location at the end of mountain cliffs. Before continuing, make a stop at the remarkable Bachkovo Monastery, a 12th century Orthodox temple masterpiece. Continue on the scenic road through Rhodope Mountains, winding through green forests, sunny meadows with sheep and cows and many small villages embraced by the mountain.  

After check in, immerse your self in the festival and have a great time.

Day 2

Locations: Zlatograd

In Zlatograd , among the many architectural and ethnographic sites, you can find:

- The oldest church in the Rhodopes - "Assumption" - built in 1834, while Bulgaria was still under the Ottoman rule.

- Ethonographic Museum, displaying various household items, tools, jewelry, costumes, pottery, bedding and much more from 19th century, as well as chambers recreating the living setup back then.

- The building of the old post office, which is now the one and only Museum of Post in Bulgaria, displaying an interesting exhibition of old telephones and telegraphs and many photographs of the development of the postal services in the region. And by the way, it is a functional post office today.

- Museum of Education- the old (and first in the region) school, located in the courtyard of the church "St. George the Victorious", showing the old textbooks, text and various items used for educational (and behavioral) purposes back in the day.

Day 3

Locations: Zlatograd

Enjoy more of the town or take a pleasant hike in the beautiful mountains around Zlatograd.

Or head for a quick trip South of the border. Zlatograd is about 10km from the border with Greece. An hour drive will take you to the Aegean sea, where you can sample delicious see food or taste a variety of Greek delights.

Day 4

Locations: Zlatograd Sofia (294km, 3Hrs30min)

Transfer back to Sofia via Pereperikon, a Thracian sanctuary, believed to be the famous Temple of Dionysius, the God of wine.  

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