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Snow and sun, clean air, mild climate, original folklore and superb cuisine, cordial and hospitable people- all this and beyond you will find in the magical Rhodope Mountain.

The astounding Yagodinska Cave, Uhlovitsa Cave, Devil's Throat Cave and Snezhanka Cave are all worth exploring with their spectacular forms and underground lakes and rivers, in close proximity to the other unique natural sites- the Trigrad and Buynovo canyons and the "Wonder Bridges" rock-formation.

Notable landmarks in the area include the villages of Shiroka Luka and Kovachevitsa, the Thracian archeological site of Perperikon, while the Holy Mountains of Assenovgrad embrace some of the oldest Bulgarian monasteries: Batchkovo (1089), Arapovo and Muldava.

Also in the Rhodope is the winter resort of Pamporovo, rivaling Bulgaria’s other premier winter destinations, while the villages of Momchilovtsi and Gela are a popular place for eco tourism.

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Day 1

Locations: Sofia

Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2

Locations: Sofia

Explore the city and visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Church of St Sophia, the Rotunda of St George. While navigating the small streets or the boulevards of the city’s center, stroll by the marvelous National Theatre, the National Art Gallery, the Parliament and the Presidency. Pass by Sofia University and visit the city’s biggest park- Borisovata Gradina.

Day 3

Locations: Sofia Backovo Monastery Asenovgrad Fortress (175km, 2Hr) Central Rhodope Mountain (60km, 1Hr)

Depart for Rhodope Mountain. On the way visit the Fortress of Asenovgrad, situated on the edge of dramatic cliffs and then continue to Bachkovo monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Bulgaria, a true masterpiece of the 12th century Orthodox art. Later arrive for lodging in the heart of Rhodope Mountain, and on the way stop at Chudnite Mostove (Wonder Bridges) rock formation.

Lodging can be at the spa-hotels of Pamporovo or Devin or in boutique hotels in the near by eco villages (let us know your preferences when you click on “Book This Tour”). This will be the center point for exploring a part of the Rhodope Mountain.

Day 4

Locations: Mountain Relax

Day for favorite hobbies or simply to soak up the beauty around you.

If you prefer hiking, the choices are plenty. From tackling the highest summit of the Rhodope Mountain- Goliam Perelik (2191m) to the many smaller peaks, mountain lakes, meadows and valley loops.

There are also many options for horseback riding and biking (on or off the road), with different length and difficulty.

The village of Shiroka Laka is a small museum-architectural and ethnographic reserve, widely known for its original Rhodope architectural style, musical traditions and its history.

For those who love cave exploring, then a visit to the Uhlovitsa Cave (about 60 km, an hour drive) is recommended. It is one of the oldest caves in the region, with many beautiful formations that resemble sea coral. The cave is at 1040 meters above sea level, with year-round temperature of 10 to 11 degrees Celsius.




Day 5

Locations: The Trigrad Canyon and Devil’s Throat Cave (50km, 45min)

With an impressive gorge and caves, the small town of Trigrad is the best attraction in South-West Rhodopes. As the road winds among the spectacular Trigrad Canyon, the sky remains the only ray of light, as cliffs of over 250 m, with a distance between them barely reaching 20-30 m. It sure is a sight to see.

Next to Trigrad is the Devil's Throat Cave, with 18 underground waterfalls, the tallest one being 42m and in fact is the tallest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula.

Around Trigrad there are also many hikes, bike and horseback riding routes that are well worth exploring.

Day 6

Locations: Central Rhodope Yahodina Cave (50km, 1Hr) Kovatchevitsa (95km, 1Hr 20min) Leshten (5km, 10 min)

Moving for lodging at a different corner of the Rhodopes. On the way visit the deepest (6450m) and most impressive caves in Bulgaria- Yagodina Cave, known for its unique pearl drops and other entities, as well as archaeological objects dating from the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Continue for the village of Kovachevitca, where you will feel as if the time has stopped in 19th century and is one of the many reasons why the village is used as a backdrop in film productions. The stone houses are beyond impressive and any new development follows the old architectural style. Later continue for overnight at the small mountain village of Leshten.

Day 7

Locations: Leshten Rila Monastery (160km, 2Hr15min) Sofia (125km, 1Hr30min)

After a leisure morning (or after a favorite morning outdoor activity), depart for the beautiful and majestic Rila Monastery, a UNESCO heritage site and an emblem of Bulgaria. Surrounded by 20 m-high stone walls, the monastery includes the monastery courtyard, the Birth of the Virgin Mary Temple, Hrelyo’s Tower, the museum and the residential and the farming buildings. There are around 300 rooms in the monastery, 100 of which are monastic cells.
Early evening arrival in Sofia.

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Rhodope mountains, Smolyan Added by: Ivan Koutzarov
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