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Hisarya is one of the oldest balneological and spa resorts in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. Drawn by the springs (temperature varies between 41º and 52º C), the Thracians were first to establish settlements around 4th – 3rd centuries BC. However, the glory days were during the Roman era when, in year 293, Emperor Diocletian declared it a town. Massive construction of fortification walls, public buildings, baths and streets begun, remains of which are visible today, with the Southern Gate still standing 13m tall.

Hisarya is located in the foothills of Sredna Gora Mountain, 176 km from Sofia and 40km from Plovdiv.

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Day 1

Locations: Sofia Hisarya (176km, 1Hr45min)

Transfer to Hisarya. Soak into the mineral pools and see why ancient settlements were established back then.

Day 2

Locations: Hisarya

If you feel you are too relaxed and would like to visit around, here are some suggested activities:

Discover the small town. A pleasant walk in Hisarya central park will let you explore the well preserved remains of the ancient urban architecture. Also visit the tomb of a Roman family, where you can still see floor mosaics and wall-paintings.

Day 3

Locations: Hisarya

Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second largest city is only 40 km/40min away. Plenty to explore- from the Roman ruins in the very city center (above and under ground level) to the Old Town, with its distinct architectural style. Check out the city’s museums or simply walk on the main street and enjoy the numerous cafes, restaurants and shops.

Day 4

Locations: Hisarya

Ready for some wine tasting?

The Starosel Winery is located just 20km/25 min away. The wine selection is quite diverse, with Mavrud being a local sort of vine to the Thracian Valley. Also sample the food, as many of the specialties are local to the region.

Day 5

Locations: Hisarya Sofia (176 km, 1Hr45min)

Stay as long as you wish, and when you feel it’s time to go, simply let us know, so we can arrange the transfer.

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