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Monastery Tour in NorthWestern Bulgaria

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This tour is best if you are based in Sofia and have a short time to spare, but would like to experience a piece of Bulgarian history and religion. Obviously, it can be combined with Sofia city tour and visits of any other historical places and landmarks, depending on your preferences and availability. While traveling in this part of Bulgaria, your silent companion will be the spectacular Vratsa Balkan Natural Reserve.

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Day 1

Locations: Sofia Chipriovtsi Monastery (135km, 2H) Belograchik (60km, 1H)

Depart for Chiprovtsi, a town famous for its immaculate hand-made carpets. Visit the house-museum of the most prolific Bulgarian writer and poet Ivan Vazov and then continue to the secluded Chiprovtsi Monastery “St Ivan Rilski,” founded in 10th century. The holy sight is known for the Chiprovtis Uprising in 17th century and was a refuge for the rebels against the Ottoman Empire. Later continue to Belograchik.
Overnight at Belogradchik.

Day 2

Locations: Belograchik Magura Cave Vidin Fortress (75km, 1 Hour)

Explore the famous Belogradchik Rock Formations and the Kaleto fortress. The Fortress dates back to 1st-3rd century AD and was built by the Romans to guard the roads of the new provinces of the empire on the Balkan Peninsula. The fortress was used in Ottoman times and during the Balkan War in 1885. Visit the Magura Cave, with rock paintings from different eras – the early Paleolithic, early and later Neolithic and the Bronze Age. A solar calendar from the late Neolithic era is the earliest solar calendar discovered in Europe. Drive to Baba Vida fortress in Vidin, on the bank of the Danube river, home to the last Bulgarian King, Ivan Strashimir, before the country’s falling to Ottoman Empire.
Return to Belogradchik for overnight.

Day 3

Locations: Belogdrachik Cherepish Monastery (130km 2H) Sofia (100km, 1H15min)

Nestled in the Vratsa Balkan, on the bank of the Iskar River, is situated the Cherepish Monastery, a living history of the numerous battles against the Ottoman Emprie at different times during 14th -19th century occupation. The monastery was also an inspiration for two famous works of Ivan Vazov. Early evening arrival in Sofia.

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