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Mountain Bike Tour

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A fantastic bike tour taking you through the breaking sites of Rila and Pirin Mountains. Enjoy the steep slopes and the rough downhills, while passing by fragrant meadows, listening to the kettles of the sheep and breathing the fresh mountain air. And in between, sample the local food, and in the secluded mountain regions, away from the big hotels- experience the hospitality of the small B&Bs.

When inquiring about this tour, do let us know if you will bring your own bike or you  will need a rental (the specifics of which also need to be discussed).
Also, let us know if you would like to combine your bike tour with a stay in Sofia (before/after) or in any other part of the country.

May the fun times begin...

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Day 1

Locations: Sofia Govedartsi (73 Km, 1Hr 10 Min)

Transfer from Sofia/Sofia Airport to a hotel in the village of Govedartsi or Borovets.
Depending on your arrival time, enjoy an afternoon ride in the area, about 15-20 Km.

Day 2

Locations: Govedartsi Zekritsa Summit Sapareva Bania

Govedartsi - Zekritsa Summit - Sapareva Bania. 
Riding disance 37km, asc 650m, desc 1100m. See trail map here.
Lunch in the mountain and afternoon transfer to Oshtava Village for rest and overnight.

Day 3

Locations: Oshtava Village Kresna

Oshtava Village - Vlahi Village (with a break for lunch)- Kresna
Total ride: 33km, asc 600m, desc 1010m. See trail map here.
Transfer to Sandanski for rest and overnight.

Day 4

Locations: Sandanski

This is a day off from riding. Enjoy some sightseeing - explore the town of Melnik, famous for its wine, traditional houses as well as the sand pyramids above it. Visit the near by Rozhen Monastery, with century old frescoes.
Or  somply chilax in the beautiful Sandanski, know for it natural mineral springs. Swim in the mineral water pools, enjoy a treatment at the spa or stroll around town.
Late afternoon transfer to Bansko (about an hour away).

Day 5

Locations: Avramovo Village Eleshtnica Town

A transfero Avramovo Village from where the day begins: Avramovo - Velica Summit - Bozevo Village - Kyoravtsi Village - Eleshtnica Town. 
Riding distance: 38km, asc 550m, desc 1100m. See trail map here.
Lunch in the mountain. Tranfer back to Bansko for overnight.

Day 6

Locations: Semkovo Macedonia Hut Rila Monastery

Transfer to Semkovo Village to begin the ride via  Semkovo - Macedonia Hut - Rila Monastery. 
Total riding distance: 37km, asc 1020m, desc 940m. See trail map here.
Lunch in the mountain. Afternoon transfer to the village of Govedartsi/Borovets

Day 7

Locations: Govedartsi Sofia (73 Km, 1Hr 10 Min)

Farewell ride: Maliovitsa - Ovnarsko - Govedartsi Village, about 3 hours of riding.
Lunch in the hotel and early afternoon departure for Sofia.

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