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The town of Sandanski is as located in the Southwest corner of Bulgaria, 160 km from Sofia. It is as famous for its healing, mineral springs (with temperature of 42 to 81 C) as is for its very pleasant microclimate that is quite beneficial for lung illnesses.

The town has been inhabited since times before Christ. Legends have it that Spartacus, who led the largest slave uprising against the Roman Empire, was born here. Sandanski was also one of the early Christianity centers in the region.

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Day 1

Locations: Sofia Sandanski (160km, 2Hrs)

Transfer to Sandanski. Time to enable “Do not Bother” on your email auto reply.

Your stay can be as long as you wish it to be...

Day 2

Locations: Sandanski

The days can be care free, dedicated to soaking in the balm waters of the mineral springs or any of the procedures offered in the Spas.

Late afternoon stroll in the town park. Located in the heart of the town center, it features over two hundred Mediterranean plant species. Or stroll down Main Street, with its endless outdoors cafes and restaurants, serving delicious and fresh local food.

Day 3

Locations: Sandanski

If you feel you have been to relax, here are some suggested activities:

Visit to Sandanski Residence, just outside town. It belonged to the former communist leader and has spectacular socialism-era interior. You will also marvel the indoor botanical garden, many relics from the communist past and can have a real nice walk on the vast residence grounds.

Day 4

Locations: Sandanski

Ready for some wine tasting?

A 30 min drive takes you to Bulgaria’s smallest town of Melnik, known for its location beneath “sand pyramids”, a natural formation created by centuries of erosion, as well as for its red wine. You can sample a proprietary to Bulgaria wine, made from the “Wide Melnik Vine” sort.

5 minute drive from Melnik takes you to the quaint Rozhen Monastery. On the way back to Sandanski, visit the area of Rupite, a favorite place of the late Bulgarian prophet Vanga. She was widely worshiped for her phenomenal senses and spirituality. The area also has many small water springs, constantly bubbling from underground.

Day 5

Locations: Sandanski

South of the border anyone?

Sandanski is just 20 km away from the Greek border. An hour drive from the border will take you to Thessaloniki- the second biggest city of Greece. Walk by the water front, enjoy fresh sea food, visit the church of St. Demetrius, the city’s patron, or simply soak in the city’s atmosphere.

Day 6

Locations: Sandanski Sofia (160km, 2Hrs)

Sorry to disturb you, but it’s time to go…

As a consolation for the end of your spa vacation, visit Rila Monastery on the way back to Sofia. The beautiful and majestic Rila Monastery is a UNESCO heritage site and a symbol of Bulgaria. Surrounded by 20 m-high stone walls, the monastery includes the monastery courtyard, the Birth of the Virgin Mary Temple, Hrelyo’s Tower, the museum and the residential and the farming buildings. There are around 300 rooms in the monastery, 100 of which are monastic cells.

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