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The Summits of Rila and Pirin Mountains

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A hike through Bulgaria’s most stunning alpine treks. Climb the tallest summits of the Balkan Peninsula- Musala (2925m) in Rila Mountain and Vihren (2914m) in Pirin Mountain. The routes crosse vast national parks with broad alpine meadows and ragged summits, marvel the beautiful ice-cold glacier lakes and enjoy the sound of mountain rivers.
The walking treks are strenuous and are suited for people experienced in alpine walking.

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Day 1

Locations: Sofia Bansko (156 Km, 2Hrs)

Arrival at t Sofia Airport. Transfer to Bansko at the foot of the Pirin summits.

Day 2

Locations: Bansko

The day star with a pleasant chair lift to the Bezbog Mountain Lodge, as this is the setting point for the hiking trek of the Polezhan Summit (2851m). Polezhan is the fifth highest summit in Pirin, and is surrounded by three lakes - Disilishki in the north, Polezhanski in the south and Strazhishki in the west. The summit is tackled via the “classic” route trough the northeast ridge, with moderate difficulty and steepness, except of the very last stage of the summit. The top of Polezhan offers one of the most spectacular panoramic view of Pirin.
Total of ~ 5hrs of walking, climbing and descending 650m.

Day 3

Locations: Bansko

The day is dedicated to the most scenic part of the Pirin- Banderishki Lakes, a starting point to numerous trekking routes cross. We take the one that passes by 16 glacial lakes as we steady climb up. The trek passes through Todorina Porta and ends in Yulen Nature Reserve. Passing by Todorini Ochi (Todora's Eyes) Lakes, the hike descend into virgin fir groves and to the Demyanitsa Mountain Hut, from where we follow the shady path along the Demyanitsa River.

Total of 6-7hrs of walking, climbing 800m, descending 900m.

Day 4

Locations: Bansko

The warm up is over and is time for Mt Vihren, Bulgaria’s second-highest summit and the highest one in Pirin. Climb through Golem Kazan (The Giant Cauldron) area all the way to 400m high northern face of Vihren. On this trek, you will explore the Karst parts of Pirin, also a home to the endangered Edelweiss plant, the elusive Wallcreeper and the shy Balkan Chamois (wild goats).
6-7hrs of walking, climbing and descending 1000m.

Day 5

Locations: Bansko Rila Monastery (93Km, 1Hr 25Min)

Considered Pirin Mountain concurred! Time to concur Rila. The day begins with a visit to Rila Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of Bulgaria. It is the most famous and largest Christian monastery in Bulgaria, whose exceptional frescoes in the basilica form a gallery of masterpieces of Orthodox art. Continue to Panichishte Resort, and if time permits, visit the Skakavitsa Waterfall (70m) near the mountain lodge.
3hrs of walking, climbing and descending 250m.

Day 6

Locations: Govedartsi/Borovets

After breakfast it’s time for the hike by the gorgeous Seven Lakes of Rila, each with its unique shape (and from where the name is derived) and beauty. Continue along the crest, while also marvel the views of Urdini and Elenski Lakes and the Rila Monastery in the deep valley beneath us. Pass by Malyovitsa Summit (2729m), known as the cradle of Bulgarian rock climbing and mountaineering and descend into the valley of the village of Govedartsi.
6-7hrs of walking, climbing 800m, and descending 1000m.
Short transfer for an overnight at Borovets.

Day 7

Locations: Borovets

Time to tackle the Balkan Peninsula’s highest summit: Musala, proudly standing at 2925m. Reach Yastrebets summit with the gondola, the starting point of the Musala trek. Ascend through mountain rivers, pass by glacier lakes and alpine huts. Once on the mighty peak, the impressive views of the surrounding mountains and all major mountain ranges will simply complete your Bulgarian mountain adventure.
6hrs of walking, climbing and descending 750m.

Day 8

Locations: Borovets Sofia (65Km, 1Hr)

Transfer to Sofia Airport.
Or continue your stay with a visit in Sofia or any other part of Bulgaria, should you feel like relaxing and exploring more.

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Vihren hut, Bansko Added by: Ivan Koutzarov
Panichishte resort, Dupnitza Added by: Ivan Koutzarov
Panichishte resort, Dupnitza Added by: Ivan Koutzarov
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