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Weekend History Trip from Sofia

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In Sofia for pleasure or business with a weekend to spare? Best way to see some of the coutnry, while also lear about the rich Bulgarian historical heritage.

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Day 1

Locations: Sofia Asenovgrad (166km, 1Hr45min) Plovdiv (20km, 25min)

Depart for the Asen’s Fortress- historical landmark dating back for many centuries. As is impressive is the actual location of the fortress, on the edge of dramatic cliffs and surrounded by the beautiful Rhodope Mountains. Continue for the Bachkovo Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Bulgaria, a true masterpiece of the 12th century Orthodox art.

Later continue for Bulgaria’s second largest city, Plovdiv, whose history combines the legacy of great civilizations and empires and dates back to 4th century BC.  Explore the city and discover the numerous, well preserved relics, visit the ethnographic museums or simply walk through the city’s most famous landmarks- the architectural complex of the Ancient Plovdiv, still preserving beautiful Bulgarian Renaissance houses and boasting great restaurants. Overnight.

Day 2

Locations: Plovdiv Kazanlak (104km, 1H30min) Koprivshtitsa (111km, 1H30min) Sofia (108km 1H30min)

Drive to the Thracian tomb of Kazanlak, a testament to the Thracian culture. Accidentally found in 1944, the tomb dates back to 4th-3rd century BC, and most notable among its claims to glory are the remarkable antique paintings and sculptures. Continue to Starosel for a wine tasting at Starosel winery and visit the near by Thracian Thomb.

Depart to the one of the most historic towns of Bulgaria, Koprivshtitsa- a perfect example of Bulgarian Renaissance Architecture and the birth place of many Bulgarian revolutionaries and writers. The architectural and ethnographic monuments are about 300, and the elaborate decoration of the houses (now museums) show the lifestyle enjoyed by the wealthy families during the 19th century, while inside you will be able to experience the authentic atmosphere and learn about the life and work of the great Bulgarian revolutionaries.

Along the way, your silent companions are the Balkan and Sredna Gora Mountains.


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